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Information for Visitors

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In the following sections we have tried to collate some information that may be helpful to you. We look forward to seeing you here, and hope you will enjoy your stay.

Accommodation - Forchheimer Guest House

The Guest House is located on campus (A short walking distance from the CS department). The rooms in the Guest House offer a bathroom, air-conditioner, cable TV, wireless Internet access and a small kitchen.
Please note: The key for your reserved room will typically be left for you at the Technion's main gate (Neve Sha'anan west gate). There is no reception in the Guest House.

Transportation from/to Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport is Israel's major international airport, located near Tel Aviv, about 115 km from Haifa.
Please note that Public transportation in Israel does not operate on Saturday (Sabbath) and on Jewish holidays. Taxis operate all week. Within Haifa, public transportation (buses) does not run on Friday evening but does operate during the Sabbath. Within the campus there are no buses on the Sabbath and on Jewish holidays.
Ben Gurion Airport offers reliable train and taxi transportation:

Train service: There is a direct train service between the Ben Gurion Airport station and Haifa. There are several stations in Haifa and you should exit at the first one, called Haifa Hof HaKarmel station that is the closest station to the Technion. Train service runs at least every hour all day and night, excluding weekends (Friday afternoon to Saturday night) and holidays. Cost for one direction should be around 10 Euros and tickets can be purchased on site.

You can then take a taxi from Haifa Hof Hakarmel (The cab station is located at the western exit) to the Technion's main west gate for about 10 Euros. Bus service is also available at the eastern exit.

Taxis: Taxi service (shuttles and private taxis) is also available. The cost for "shared shuttle taxis" form the Airport to Haifa is about 20 Euros. The disadvantage is that the shared taxi waits to fill up (~10 people) but the taxi will bring all passengers, to their final destination. Another option is to reserve a special taxi in advance. The cost is about 85 Euros. You must let us know at whether you would like to do so, at least three days in advance. The Taxi driver will wait for you with a sign carrying your name at the incoming hall of the airport. The final option is a special taxi without a-priori reservation and that might cost you about 125 Euros.

Other Useful Information
  • The electrical supply in Israel is 220 volts, 50 Hz (as in Europe).
  • A Technion campus map can be found here.
  • Technion academic activities run between Sunday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday are weekend days, with little or no academic activity, but you can work and have access.
  • On Saturday (Shabbat or Sabbath) most of the shops are closed. The Jewish Sabbath and Jewish holidays start before sundown on Friday (or the eve of a holiday) and ends after sunset on Saturday (or the day of the holiday).
  • Sunday is a regular working day in Israel.
  • Technion post office is located below the Central Library, across from the Student Union.
  • Cafeterias, snack bars and fast food can be found on campus. In the nearby neighborhoods - Ziv and Ahuza - there are coffee shops, restaurants and bars that are open all week and on weekends.
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Photo's courtesy of Misha Kazhdan & Maks Ovsjanikov