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Computer Graphics Picture

Computer Graphics (offered every semester)

This course is an introduction to computer graphics. Basic techniques such as 3D transformations, hidden surface elimination, shading models and color theory are taught. Programming homework exercises in the C++/OpenGL environment provide hands-on experience. This course is a prerequisite for all other computer graphics courses.
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Image Synthesis Picture

Image Synthesis (offered every other semester)

This course deals with advanced image rendering techniques, such as ray-tracing and radiosity. The two-stage final project covers the development of a full-blown ray-tracer.
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Digital Geometry Processing Picture

Digital Geometry Processing (offered every other semester)

This course surveys recent trends in the processing of geometric data, in particular for 3D mesh datasets. Topics covered are 3D mesh simplification, compression and parameterization. A number of programming exercises are assigned, built on the MeshMaker C++ library.
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Computer-Aided Geometric Design Picture

Computer-Aided Geometric Design (offered every other semester)

This course covers advanced aspects of free-form curve and surface modeling, starting with the fundamentals of differential geometry, through spline constructions, ending with subdivision techniques. Students are required to implement what they learn in programming exercises.
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Computational Geometry Picture

Computational Geometry (offered every other semester)

This course covers fundamental techniques, data structures, and algorithms for solving geometric problems. Typical problems are computing convex hulls, the Voronoi diagram and Delaunay triangulation of a point set, polygon triangulation, range search, linear programming, and point location. Some topics of discrete geometry, e.g., the crossing number of a graph and its applications, are also covered. A number of theoretical exercises are given.
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Discrete Algorithmic Geometry Picture

Discrete Algorithmic Geometry (offered every 4th semester)

This course covers some advanced topics in computational and combinatorial geometry, such as static and dynamic randomized algorithms, arrangements of line segments and Davenport-Schinzel sequences, Voronoi diagrams with Euclidean and non-Euclidean metrics, probabilistic proofs, and variants of Heilbronn's triangle problem.
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Project in Computational Geometry Picture

Project in Computational Geometry

This course enables students to gain practical experience in computational geometry by performing a semester-long software project.
Seminar in Computer Graphics Picture

Seminar in Computer Graphics

This ad-hoc seminar covers select the topic in computer graphics. Previous editions covered volume graphics, non-photorealistic rendering and GPU programming.
Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics Picture

Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics

This advanced course covers various topics in computer graphics, geometry processing, geometric modeling and computational geometry. Please check the news section for specific offerings of advanced classes and seminars.
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